James Gosling: idealism, the Internet and Java, Pt I

Java with Audible

Audible application for thousands of Java and Technology Books

Audible is a subsidiary company of Amazon. Subscription to Audible gives access to thousands of technology and java books, Stories, talk shows and audible books on different life lessons.

Audible is a subscription-driven audiobook service with a catalog of over 200,000 audiobooks and a mix of bestselling Indian and international authors. Whatever your passion, your interests, or favourite authors, there’s a perfect audiobook for you. You can listen to A-list celebrities narrate their favourite stories, original & exclusive audiobooks, full-cast performances, and more. Browse through Great First Listens, Indian Audiobooks and get Personalized Recommendations.

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We can listen these books and understand different concepts on technologies and Java programming language while cooking or while ironing clothes etc. 


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