James Gosling: idealism, the Internet and Java, Pt I

Monday 4 July 2011

Java IDE for Learners:

           Simple editors like Notepad, Gedit, edit+  definitely allows us to write a program, but it is always difficult to code, debug and manage even smaller applications. and profession IDEs like Eclipse, Netbeans JDeveloper are definitely not suitable for beginners.[They are pretty advanced to students]

           What if we have an IDE which allows the learners to understand the basic coding principles of java, Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming[OOP] with the pictorial representation along with syntax highlighting, scope highlighting and other cool features?.. sounds good right.
           BlueJ is a simple Java based IDE developed by Kent university for the beginners and students of Java programming language. The coolest thing about BlueJ is it not only allows us to interact[compile, execute] with complete application or program but also single objects.Hence we can create Objects and execute its methods graphically.

Important features are:
  • Create classes and interfaces through wizards and diagrams
  • Create directly object of a class and execute its methods rather than executing complete application.
  • Debugger, Terminal etc
Editor Features:
  •      Syntax Highlighting
  •      Scope Highlighting
  •      Code completion
  •      Navigation View
  •      Switch between source code and Documentation 

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