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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Every Java programmer must read books

Every Java programmer must read and understand the following books.

1. Effective Java

2. Concurrency in practice

Effective Java:

This book is authored by Joshua Bloch. He took the major role in authoring the java.util package which is [collection framework] one of the java core libraries.

He explains the best practices that every programmer should consider while writing java programs.

Some of them are:

  • Contract between hashcode() and equals() of Object class when programmer overrides one of these methods in their classes
  • Exceptions
  • concurrency: Inter thread communication, synchronization etc
  • Immutable Objects
The above points are few among others.

Concurrency in practice:

This book gives complete explanation about how efficient concurrency is achieved in java programs using concurrency utility classes which were introduced in Java 5 version.

This book is authored by:

  • Brian Goetz
  • Tim peierls
  • Joshua Bloch
  • Joseph Bowbeer
  • David Holmes and
  • Doug Lea

You can get them from amazon in form of hard copy or soft copy or both. Get them soon. :)

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